Helping you achieve your goals

To Whom are my coaching services aimed?

With a USA Cycling level 2 certification I can help with any of your needs from a coaching perspective. My passion is working with newer cyclists just cutting their teeth in the sport but I have the skill and experience to help anyone up to the Olympic level. If you are spending time on a bike at any level Coaching can be of some benefit. It doesn't matter if you need help with skills training, racing tactics, techniques training or just an assessment of where you are currently in your cycling journey. All of these things and more can be part of you personal coaching program.

What's included?

Each of the athletes I work with has a training plan tailored just for them based on their goals, desires and capabilities. I work on a month to month basis with people. No six-month up-front commitments or unrealistic long-term expectations. Because life happens and we engage in a sport with injuries I don’t feel it fair to make people pay for services they might not use. It makes me work for your business month by month keeping you healthy and engaged. If plans change and the training needs amended mid-month then that is what is done.

My approach

Communication is key to good coaching and I like a open line of dialog with my athletes. I respond to unlimited emails about every 12 hours and take calls and texts when I am not working one-on-one with a client. I try to treat people how I would want to be treated if I was working with a coach. I want your questions and concerns addressed today, not next week when you have started in the new week of training and the importance of the issue has passed.

What makes me different?

My one-on-one interaction with clients is what sets me apart from other coaches and produces the best results for people at all levels. You don't just receive an off-the-shelf training plan, everything is tailored to your needs, your goals and your level of fitness.

About our process.

Direct Communication

01 Starting with a FREE consultation we establish best methods of communication about workouts, solving problems and growing as an athlete.

02 A clear understanding of what is expected of both client and coach is laid out. Clear goals and realistic expectations of how to achieve them and track progress.

03 Various forms of communication including text, email, phone or Skype can be used to keep the conversation current and engaging to avoid burnout or overtraining before it starts.

04 With an open dialog we build a plan together to achieve any goals an athlete might present.

Weekly Check-Ins

01 A structured calendar of likely races or events is put on the schedule and the importance of each is discussed.

02 A clear plan is set up to build toward those events. Things like family vacations, work related trips or seminars are all considered within the schedule of training.

03 Each months’ workouts are carefully crafted taking each individual athlete’s unique schedule and ability into account.

04 Unlimited communication allows coach and client to make alterations proactively instead of reactively as life makes the preset training schedule change over the course of each month.

Ongoing Discovery

01 Long term goals and dreams are discussed and “put on paper” in order to make them more achievable.

02 A realistic “map” of how to get to those long-term goals and dreams are laid out and broken into steps for a more palatable step by step process.

03 As the athlete grows and desires change the coaching process can change to help in a different discipline. Just because you start as a mountain bike racer doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from having a coach for that coast to coast trip.

04 No matter your age, interest in cycling or your goals. I am here to help you discover what drives you and aid in your quest to become whatever you can imagine through cycling.

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