Do I need a Coach?

Have you ever thought about a cycling coach? Many cyclists have the idea that a cycling coach is only beneficial to the serious racer. Actually, most cyclists are not racers – in fact, less than 1% of all cyclists ever put wheels to the starting line. Consider this: everything we regard as easy in our lives today was at one time difficult, or seemed complicated. Most likely someone coached or helped you to make whatever was difficult easier along the way. Cycling is no different. It doesn’t matter what you goals are as a cyclist – riding a century, racing mountain bikes, touring across the country, trimming off some winter weight, or just keeping up with your kids on their bikes. These are all things a cycling coach can help you with. And if your goals are on the ultra-competitive end of the spectrum like RAAM (Race Across America) or racing at the Olympic level on the velodrome, a USA Cycling certified coach is trained and insured to help you achieve it.


Here are 5 common myths about getting a coach.


1) “It’s too expensive.”


Many athletes perceive personal coaching as too expensive. However, there’s a wide range in the level of coaching that is available – for example you may decide that all you need is to chat with your coach on the phone once a week, and otherwise communicate within an online platform like Garmin Connect or by email. Pricing starts at $100/month and ranges to $400/month for a program based on your own personal wants and needs. Think about it – at $100 a month, for the same cost of a monthly membership to many gyms, you’ll get customized guidance towards your cycling goals.

2) “I’m not a serious enough athlete”.


Coaching is not just for pros and elites. Many coaches specialize in beginners or casual athletes. The right coach will work with your background, your ability, and your goals for the future. You may not think of yourself as a “serious enough athlete” right now, but that could change with targeted training and expert feedback – which a coach can provide.

3) “It’s too much of a time and personal commitment, dictated by someone who may not understand my needs”.


Having a coach is a personal relationship.  A good coach will work around your schedule and commitments to maximize the time you are able to spend on training. Life happens every day. There are setbacks and emergencies. But training goes on anyway and a good coach will help you navigate the plan to stay on track so when your big event day comes you are ready and prepared.

4) “I can self-coach or work off a plan just fine”.


True, you can. However, a coach is able to guide and direct you in order to ensure that the plan is appropriate and safe to what you are looking to achieve. People have a tendency to set goals either too high or too low, this can lead to frustration and failure. A good coach can help you set appropriate goals, work through the learning curve, and keep you from making mistakes that may result in injury and set back your goals. 


5) “I wouldn’t know where to look to find a coach”.


We know that finding the right coach can seem like a daunting task, and not everyone has a wide network of friends and family who can make recommendations. Tom Wiseman of Cycling Solutions is a USA Cycling certified coach. Tom can be reached by email at [email protected]  or by calling 330-338-4307. Contact Tom and set up an appointment to start reaching your cycling goals today!


A note from Tom –


       Customers and clients often ask me about my cycling experience as well as my goals for riding in the coming year. They usually want to know how to become a better cyclist and ride faster, farther, and more efficiently.  Dietary and nutrition questions often come up for discussion as well. A few years ago it dawned on me that with over 25 years of experience riding and racing, my knowledge base has become considerable, and many cyclists could benefit from me sharing that knowledge with them. This led me to become a certified USA Cycling coach. 

       Cycling Solutions was born of the concept  that people want guidance to their goals and solutions to their problems from someone who is not only qualified to provide it, but is also certified to do so. I chose USA Cycling for my certification and coaching education because they are the premier organization for the training of cycling coaches at multiple levels in the United States.

My philosophy of coaching is a simple one: People can only do so much on their own. A coach helps them to do what they think they cannot!