SMP Test Saddles

In the business of fitting saddles are often a touchy subject. Not just because of how we touch them but there are soooo many options. “What is right for me?” people ask all the time. Why not try different options ans find the one that works for you. Selle SMp saddles are 100% made in Italy and are considered by many to be the best solution for saddle issues in fitting today. I received my first 4 test models this week and there will be more to follow. I started with a good cross section of what they offer to get people taken care of and comfortable. The “TRK Medium” is designed for recreational and sporting use. It uses vacuum tech covering and a polyurethane padding. It measures 280x160mm and weighs 405grams. It is the softest of the current saddles in my test batch. The “Well” can be used for both road and MTB riding and also uses the vacuum tech cover with polyurethane padding but measures 280x144mm at 290 grams. Slightly narrower than the TRK and not as padded. The “Drakon” is a very narrow saddle used for both road and MTB as well. The black cover version is real leather and the colored options are a Microfiber. The padding is foam elastomer and weighs in at just 290 grams at 276x138mm. The last of my initial offering is the “Vulkor”. This model is based on the popular composite shell and again is real leather in black and all colors are Microfiber. This saddle has no padding and weighs in at a scant 235 grams. It is the very narroewest of what I have now at 266x136mm. If you prefer a hard saddle but want something comfortable this is the saddle for you. Most of the models are available in a dozen or so colors so getting something to match your rig should not be a problem. All are available for test so feel free to call or email anytime to set up an appointment.

Left to right Vulkor, TRK Medium, Well, and Drakon.