SMP Test Saddles Update

            There are many saddles out there in the world of cycling. If you are like me you’ve tried more than you care to admit. There are a few companies making saddles that stand out but one specifically stands above the rest. Selle SMP is an Italian saddle manufacturer. They make saddles that solve problems. Cycling Solutions likes to solve problems for riders and SMP helps make that easier. If your riding is at all hindered by saddle issues and you have not looked at SMP, you should. One of the most valuable services offered at Cycling Solutions bike fitting studio is access to a wide variety of SMP test saddles. Everything from road racing to triathlon and mountain biking to commuting we have more than 20 models you can try before you buy. Some of these models are the Well, TRK, Drakon, Lite 209, Kryt 3, F30, Plus, Avant, Crono, Vulkor, Blaster, T1, T2, T5 and several others. Some are available as a gel option and some are literally no padding at all just a carbon shell.


If you are interested in trying one or more of these saddles feel free to reach out and get on the schedule. There is a reason bike fitters around the world use SMP saddles in their fitting practice. These get results.