Testimonials and Success Stories

Kenny Kocarak

Descending Pilot Rock during the Pisgah Productions Pisgah 55.5K in a full blown thunderstorm, lightning and all. Ultra cycling at it’s finest.

I am an ultra endurance single speed mountain bike racer and ultra gravel racer.  I came to Tom after having a previous bike fit done which was done “OK” but it was just completed with no explanation of the why’s or how, and I still had lingering pain. When a normal race can be 7-10 hours in the saddle there is not room for lack of comfort. Tom promoted to not be that guy and I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of conversation and work that went into the fit he performed. I spent four hours with Tom where my fit was based off of my goals and what my body position my body was capable of and everything was explained to me, not only during the fit but well after the fit was done. Tom continues to go above and beyond well after the fit is over he responds promptly to all my messages, places my cleats in new shoes, etc, without charging extra . Tom helped me accomplish my 2019 goal of completing The Crusher a 225 mile gravel race which kept me in the saddle for almost 24 hours straight. Fit wise I was comfortable all day and night, and that is why I would highly recommend Tom Wiseman to anyone curious about a fitting.~~~~~Kenny Kocarak

Ken Frankenbery

Ken Frankenbery    2016 X-Terra #2 Nationals #7 World Championships

I have known Tom Wiseman for over 25 years. Tom has always had a reputation as a top-notch bike mechanic in the area, but once I started having Tom take care of my bikes, I realized he not only has the skills, but puts pride into everything he does and truly treats your bike as if it was his own. Over the years I have seen Tom pursue further education in Bike Fitting and coaching. He has grown in both areas, and now is well respected Nationally in both fields. I feel lucky to have Tom take care of my bikes, do my bike fittings and help advise my training. I would highly recommend him for any of those services. ~~~~~Ken Frankenbery

Michael McClintock

Michael McClintock      2014 Race Across America (RAAM)  3020miles    Finisher  11Days 20Hours 27minutes


I’ve known Tom for approximately 22 years.  During that time Tom has been the go to person for ALL of my cycling needs.  We’ve raced against and with each other in both mtb and road events. When I decided to attempt the Race Across America (RAAM) solo in 2011 Tom was the mechanic on my support team.  When I raced solo in the 2014 RAAM Tom was my personal coach/trainer who was instrumental in making that attempt a success. The skill and passion Tom brings as a rider, mechanic, bike fitter and coach is extremely rare to find in one person. Anytime I am asked who to go to for ANYTHING cycling related, I send them to Tom~~~~Michael McClintock

Amy Jeske

The Jeske Family

I had the privilege of working with Tom Wiseman several years ago.  I was training for my first century ride and he suggested that I have a bike fitting.  After about two months of training I finally agreed. I wanted to ride for awhile and then have the fitting so I could really appreciate the work he was going to do.  And it was worth it! Tom took the time to answer all my questions and to address all the concerns that I had about my ride. He even made suggestion on how to train for my new adventure. His knowledge and attention to detail made  that first century ride into a fabulous experience. My only complaint about the ride was the weather! Following that ride, I signed up for his coaching program. We met to discuss my goals and he tailored a program just for me. I entered the following spring season stronger and faster.  My goals were to train without risking injury, to finish my next century stronger and to recover quicker. His coaching helped me meet and exceed those goals. At the end of that season, I found myself injured and I worked with him again to regain my strength on the bike. I have returned every season since stronger and more capable under his direction. Throughout that time, he has been available to answer all questions and to help correct issues that I find while riding. I might just be his pickiest rider, but I trust that he can resolve any fit or mechanical issue that I’m having.  Tom’s dedication to his clients, his current knowledge and experience plus his continuing search for better ways to assist his clients is unmatched. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for my cycling and I highly recommend him to everyone that is looking to ride. ~~~~~Amy Jeske

Andrew Mangano

Andrew Mangano aboard his Giant TCX


I have had 2 or 3 bike fits in the past but the one I had with Tom was by far the best. Being a Physical Therapist, Tom addressed areas of imbalance and weaknesses that were never even brought up with other fittings. I am now more comfortable and can ride longer/faster then before. ~~~~~Andy Mangano

Dorian Levine

Oberlin College Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference

As a collegiate track sprinter who decided to switch to cycling due to injuries, I am extremely aware of my body and how I use it in order to mitigate injury yet push myself to my limits. I came to Tom (twice now, for two different bikes) searching for answers in how to keep injuries to a minimum whilst still staying competitive. The level of understanding he has of the body-bike interaction is profound. This allowed him to teach me about how I can stay healthy on and off the bike through strengthening/flexibility exercises specific to my body and history. He is incredibly generous, patient and an overall super nice guy. My second fitting with him ended up taking 5.5 hours because we went into such depth. I later had two more mini-sessions to address some issues that arose after a couple weeks of riding the new position (these future sessions were included in the price of the bike fit). A bike fit from Tom will leave you with so much more than just a bike fit.~~~~~Dorian Levine

Dan Haryanto

Tom Wiseman did very thorough fitting on my Felt road bike to prepare for my first full Ironman (2016 Wisconsin). He took almost 3 hours to do detailed assessment. Very patient and a great guy, best decision I have ever made before a race. Highly recommended! ~~~~Dan Haryanto

Rachel Markwell

I heard about Tom through a colleague who recently had a bike fit done. All I heard were positive raves about his knowledge, advice, and how cool he is. When I decided to start training for my first Ironman, I turned to Tom for a first ever bike fit. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything I needed to know at a level that was easy to understand and remember. He was was quick to respond to my many e-mails and also fit me in for a few follow-up fits. He gave me plenty of training advice and motivation. He even let me borrow his own aerobars to see if I like them. It’s almost been a year since I had the fit and I’ve increased my FTP significantly and really enjoy riding my bike more than ever. He’s a true asset to the cycling community. ~~~~Rachel Markwell

Sam Speck

I am 6’4″ tall and have a disproportionately short torso for my height. Tom Wiseman did an outstanding job fitting me on my new bicycle. I am a medical professional and I can say that Tom really knows his stuff when it comes to ergonomics and anatomy. ~~~~~Sam Speck

Diane Bonfiglio

I had struggled with discomfort for months, but after three hours of a fitting with Tom, I feel like I’m on a completely different bike. I’m riding comfortably and finally enjoying time on my bike. Tom is knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. I highly recommend his work! ~~~~Diane Bonfiglio

John Reveley

I became a bike enthusiast 2 years ago at which time I upped my mileage. I started experiencing a number of cycling injuries and pain. I had a custom fitting done at another shop with limited improvement. After a 3 hour session with Tom, I now ride pretty much pain free. Those 3 hours was the best investment of time and money I ever made. Thanks Tom!! ~~~~~John Reveley

Sara Kibler

I have been cycling for a long time and in recent years have been so uncomfortable on my bike that I would dread it when someone asked me to go riding. I would google for ways to improve my geometry on the bike and, honestly, probably made things worse. After just a couple of hours spent with Tom for a fitting I now look forward to riding instead of dreading it. Absolutely worth the time and money! ~~~~Sara Kibler

Michael Strasser

I was really impressed with the thoroughness with which Tom approached the fitting process, taking precise anatomical measurements and applying these to the often minute adjustments he made to various components of my bike. He was obviously passionate about the importance of getting things right. He always explained what he was doing and why, and was interested in my feedback about each change along the way. The result was a much-improved riding experience for me. My bike feels much more comfortable and natural than ever before. The time and money I invested in a truly professional fitting were well worth it! ~~~~~Michael Strasser

Angie Kovacs

Tom is fantastic! Definitely knows his stuff. Spends a ton of time with you making sure everything is perfect. I never once felt rushed or as if he was just doing stuff to my bike for the sake of doing it. I even brought it back for a tweak after the initial fitting. The difference the fitting made in my comfort level is immeasurable. I wish I’d gone in sooner, I could have saved myself years of misery. ~~~~~Angie Kovacs

Joe Camardo

After I bought my new bike last year I took it to Tom Wiseman for a professional fitting. Tom did an excellent job. He took the time to take all of the right measurements and understand my style of riding so he could fit the bike accordingly. No more numbness in the fingers or toes no more neck pain on long rides. Well worth the time and money. ~~~~Joe Camardo