Things often ignored become future problems.

There are many things to pay attention to when maintaining a bicycle. Most people in my experience do not pay close enough attention to some of the little things that can make a big difference. Most “tune ups” (I hate that term) cover the main parts of the bicycle. Things like wheel bearings and truing, brake and shifting adjustments and lubrication. While all important, headset and bottom bracket bearings sometimes get checked for tight but not actually taken apart and inspected. Probably the most easily ignored and neglected part of a persons bicycle is the pedals. There are bearings in there that need grease so keep them in mind as well. If left too long these things can become very difficult to extract and replace without force and extraordinary means. My “rule of thumb” is if the rotary dremel tool needs to be used on your bike for any reason, you have ignored that part for too long. There are some parts of modern bikes people simply don’t know about in the first place. Take for instance the Trek Domane frames and the IsoSpeed feature. These are a suspension bearing built into the frame of a road bike. Many Trek owners are not aware of this part on their bike let alone that it required maintenance. For that matter many mechanics even ones working in Trek dealers do not know of the ability to dis-assemble and service this part of the frame. Neglecting this for just a couple of seasons can cause damage to bearings and pivot bolt like seen here. If let go long enough it can do irreversible damage to the frame and be the premature end to an otherwise beautiful riding bicycle. More moving parts requires more frequent maintenance. If you are a¬† “prodigious sweater” or ride in inclimate¬† weather more often, then your service intervals need to be adjusted to keep you equipment in working order. Perhaps more importantly be sure to get your rigs into the hands of a professional mechanic that know not only what they are looking at but how to do the service required. This will lengthen the life span of the bike and heighten your enjoyment while you are riding it.