About Cycling Solutions

Our mission

Cycling Solutions is just as the name implies. Our focus is finding solutions to any cycling issues people might present.
With 20+ years of experience in the cycling industry as a coach, fitter and mechanic my aim is to help people in their path of cycling. When I started in the industry things were different. Bikes had cantilever brakes and integrated shifter/brake levers were a brand new thing. Back then only the elite and professional racers had coaches and bike fitting was in its infancy. Now we're looking to bring those services to the mainstream so the professional benefits once limited to the elite athletes can now be enjoyed by everyone in cycling.

About Tom

My name is Tom Wiseman. I've worked in the Cycling Industry for 25 years and learned mechanics from some of the best and most experienced wrenches. There came a point I realized I wanted to do more and learn more. I became a USA cycling coach and started working with athletes of all levels in multiple disciplines. Helping people realize their cycling goals and guiding them toward their own success is very rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to podium at a local criterium, just be healthy and keep up on that group ride, or if you are looking to complete the Race Across America. Sharing my passion and knowledge for cycling is what keeps me energized and focused.

Our journey

Having many years of riding and racing under my feet took its toll on my body. Trying to feel more comfortable on my bike with the resulting injuries was a catalyst to learn more about bike fitting. This reignited my passion for cycling. Just like coaching it was less about the bike itself and more about people and how they interact with their ride. Learning about biomechanics, physiology and the interaction of bike and body was the most enlightening part of my journey in cycling yet. I like the quote ~ "It's not about the bike, it's about the people we meet along the way while on the bike". I believe in this now more than ever.

Our goals

I want to help people in cycling through coaching, fitting and maintenance of their body and bike so their path can take them wherever they want to go in cycling.
If there's a cycling goal you want to achieve the services below should definitely help you get where you want to go. My main goal is to share my passion for all things cycling with whoever I meet in my travels. Passion is contagious and it is something that can't be taught. When it is shared enthusiasm is typically the result. I want more people to be passionately enthusiastic about cycling.

Bike Fitting

A fitting for every cycling need.
Injury prevention, pain source/cause identification, performance optimization, pre-purchase , any discipline.

Our fits include:

01. A pre-fit interview to identify your goals and injury history. Questions about daily habits and activities including other sports of interest to get a better picture of what caused the body I see in front of me to be the shape it is currently.

02. A physical assessment to identify any limiting  factors that may restrict your optimal riding position. Testing  flexibility , range of motion and proprioception  off the bike as well as looking at breathing, stability and pedaling technique on the bike. Never expect a body to do anything on the bike at can't first do off the bike.

03. A cleat set up using 5 different positional changes  to help reduce risk of joint pain and ensure comfortable, efficient cycling. Techniques learned as a Level 2 BikeFit Pro are used to increase stability in the foot/pedal interface.  Shoe shape, stiffness and insole support are all addressed as part of a solid transfer of power to the pedals. 

04. Careful consideration of the saddle and handlebar position in order to perfectly dial in your contact points. This all helps to keep breathing, stability and efficiency of motion optimized so energy can be used to make the bike go farther, faster,  with less wasted calories.


Certification with the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association (PBMA) and the experience of working on bikes for 20+ years professionally means there's nothing I can’t fix and maintain on a bicycle.

What we do

01. Repair work is assessed on a case by case basis. This keeps costs reasonable and a free estimate is always discussed before work is performed.

02. Let me come to you for the repair. Often repairs can be done at your home or office. Picking up and dropping off is also an option to keep things as convenient as possible nearly anywhere in Northeast Ohio.

03. Nothing is too big or too small.  Any repair you can imagine can be addressed. Everything from the simple chain install or flat tire  done while you wait, to the full tear down and rebuild with new parts and fresh lube and grease that might take a few days or a week.

04. Are you the type who wants to learn how? I have been instructing people how to do their own repairs for years. If you want to learn how to keep from getting stranded on the road or trail or completely overhaul your bicycle, I can teach you how to do it yourself.


If you're not sure where to start, or have something really specific in mind - either as a new bike or a new challenge - the first step is to have a chat with an expert and create a plan.

What can help with

01. Do you need help identifying the right components for that custom build you've been planning? What's compatible? What is the right mix of parts for the application?

02. Creating the perfect geometry for that custom frame you've been drooling over? Want to know how different angles will affect the handling of your new ride?

03. Planning for that big event you've got coming up? Where to start, how to train, what to eat and when, which bike will best help you achieve those goals? 

04. These are the types of questions consulting an expert with years of experience can answer for you.  I love to chat about bikes, training, fitting, and cycling in general. If you have questions look me up, I want to help you find your CYCLING SOLUTIONS.