My bike fitting philosophy

Every person is unique. Every bike fitting must be unique to that person at that time.
A bike fitting can do so much to improve your relationship with your bike. When you are more comfortable on your bike you will spend more time on it. When you spend more time on it you get healthier and your fitness and stamina improve. When all of these things come together the bike becomes an extension of you and not some mechanical torture device you spend time on trying to have fun.


My certifications


My training


Through the teaching of Michael Sylvester, I first learned the craft of bike fitting without the aid of high technology. Honing the skills of listening, problem-solving, key visual observation and attention to detail. Through education in biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and the interaction of rider and cycle a true passion for bike fitting was developed. Slowly incorporating technology one piece at a time and mastering their application to further develop the effectiveness of my skills adding value to the experience I offer clients.


I have continued my fitting education by attending courses from Greg Robidoux at the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), one of the oldest and most established bike fit training organisations in the world. I then continued my bike fitting education with Paul Swift and Travis Rassat of BikeFit and CyclePoint, earning the designation of BikeFit Pro Level 2. As a consummate learner, I stay up with new techniques and strive to learn something from every bike fitting I perform. I like to live by the quote from Travis "My best bike fitting is my next bike fitting". 


At the Medicine of Cycling conference held at USA Cycling headquarters in Colorado Springs I met Curtis Cramblett. I have completed with him  a mentorship program offered through the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) where I have earned a level 3 Accreditation. In addition, I have learned some "outside the box" techniques with the guidance of renowned bike fitter Happy Freedman of The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.  Working closely with these great fitters I have continued to learn new skills and techniques as my knowledge of bike fitting expands.

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